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Towers keep the bad guys away

Laser Towers

Shoots lasers pretty quickly.
Damage - 10
Range - 4

Gatling Towers

Unleashs a relentless fury of bullets
Damage - 30
Range - 3.5

Cannon Towers

Shoots balls of destruction that causes splash damage.
Damage - 100
Range - 4

Missile Towers

Slow-firing towers with long range and the gentle caress of a freight truck.
Damage - 5000
Range - 6.5

Sniper Towers

Slow-firing towers with the ability to cover the entire map.
Damage - 650
Range - ∞

Super Laser Towers

Shoots a constant beam at a single blob.
Damage - 45/ms
Range - 7

Snow Towers

Shoots a snowball at a single blob, slowing them down.
Damage - 0/ms Takes away 5 speed points per shot
Range - 2

Blobs are the evil scourge which long to plaster the sickening Game Over message at the top of your screen. Resisting them is your calling, your purpose, your afternoon you were supposed to spend doing homework.

Normal Blobs

You will know these Blobs well, and will prosper by ending their drab, boring existences

Quick Blobs

These blobs arrive every third wave. These Blobs move quickly, but their smaller bodies can take less damage

Strong Blobs

These blobs plow through your territory every five waves. They're slow, but extremely hearty.

Boss Blobs

Once in a blue moon, one of these warlords appears and lays waste to your defenses with its absurd hitpoints and size.


You need to hope to never see one of these.

Each of those categories of Blobs can also have one additional behavior. Some Blobs are very slow crossing water, some climb mountains at shocking speeds, and some even fly over your towers while mocking the effectiveness of your intricate designs.

Each square on the board is a certain type of terrain. Terrain is randomly assigned each time the game is played, and bestows certain effects upon towers and Blobs inside of them.

Neutral Terrain

This is the most common terrain, and doesn't do anything.

Water Terrain

This terrain slows most Blobs down.

Mountain Terrain

This terrain slows Blobs down, and gives towers a range bonus.

Power Plant Terrain

This terrain makes Blobs twice as fast, and will also double the damage of any tower built there.

4.0 6/25
New tower (Snow Tower)
Optimized clean code
Screenshot your game

3.4 6/10
More small UI fixes

3.3 5/14
Fixed the rest of the UI from 3.0
Controls are now icons instead of text
Added this menu
Added a dark mode

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